The Lacombe Police Commission is responsible for overseeing the Lacombe Police Service. The Commission also plays an important role in overseeing the public complaint process by appointing a Public Complaints Director and overseeing the complaints process.

Complaints can be made in respect of a policy or service of the Lacombe Police Service or the conduct of a police officer, including the Chief of Police.

Complaints must be made in writing.

Complaints must be made within one year of the date of the incident.

Complaints cannot be anonymous.

To make a complaint, please fill out the form on this page in its entirety.  You may also leave a message for the Public Complaints Director at 403-598-7086.  If leaving a phone message, please provide your full contact information within your message (full legal name, phone number, email address).  If you have a question in the message relating to the complaints process, you will receive a response to your complaint via email or phone within 5 business days.  Leaving a phone message does not initiate your complaint.  The person responding will be able to guide you as above that the complaint must be made in writing.

Do Not Use This Form For Reporting A Crime

In an emergency situation or to report a crime in progress, dial 911.

Complaints about crime can be made directly to the police service through the non-emergency line at 403-782-3279 or in person at the police station.

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