Our Values

Respect: For all people and the community we serve.

Accountability: To each other and those we serve.

Honesty: Being forthright and direct with our community and ourselves.

Integrity: Conducting ourselves in an ethical manner, maintaining confidentiality, trust and objectivity.

Our Responsibilities

The Lacombe Police Commission is an independent organization created under the Alberta Police Act to oversee the Lacombe Police Service. We have the following legislated responsibilities:

  • To allocate funds provided by City Council, done in consultation with the Chief of Police
  • To establish policies providing for efficient and effective policing
  • To issue instructions as necessary to the Chief in regards to those policies
  • To ensure sufficient persons are employed by the Service to carry out the functions of the Service
  • In consultation with the Chief, establish the priorities in policing and participate in strategic planning for the police service
  • To appoint a Chief of Police and to evaluate his or her performance
  • To receive complaints against the Chief of police
  • To consider appeals of the Chief’s decision in complaints against the police service or police service policy
  • To conduct inquiries into matters respecting the police services, the actions of any police officer or any other person employed by the police service

The Lacombe Police Commission is accountable to the Alberta Solicitor General and the Minister of Public Security.